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acrylic sheets

acrylic sheets

Acrylic is available in clear sheets from 1.5mm to 50mm thicknesses.

Colours, frosts, tints and light diffusers come in limited thicknesses, with the most variety of colours in the 3mm. Limited colours are available in the 4.5mm and 6mm thickness range.

Acrylic offers high light transmission and can be easily formed without loss of optical clarity. Exposure to moisture or total immersion in water does not significantly affect the mechanical or optical properties. Plastix’ acrylic is UV stabilized to withstand weathering and to resist prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Acrylic can be fabricated, laser cut, saw cut, drilled, engraved, finished and edge polished with our state of the art machinery. It has many applications suitable for domestic, industrial, commercial and retail purposes.

Key Properties
• 10 x impact strength of glass
• easily fabricated, thermoformed, polished or machined
• excellent optical quality and light transmission
• chemical resistance to common acids, alkalis, salt spray, petroleum oils and greases
• excellent weather resistance

• outdoor/indoor signage
• boat screens
• display cabinets
• POS displays
• brochure/menu holders
• glazing

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