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Custom Fabrication – you design it, we create it!
Bonding plastic materials is a craft, and quality plastic fabrication an art form. Our design team can take your idea or special design and make it a reality. Our specialist assembly facility, bending machinery and exacting finishing capabilities ensure the highest quality end product. At Plastix we take pride in producing custom fabricated displays and products that get your product or service noticed.

bending bending

Laser Cutting and Etching (engraving)
Our laser service can cut acrylic material of up to 25mm in thickness to any shape. We can also etch wording, logos or other details as per requirements onto trophies, promotional products, labels or model parts. We accept orders by email or USB stick saved in EPS or DXF format.

laser cutting laser cutting

Cut to Size
Our state of the art machinery ensures that cutting to an exact size or shape is achieved every time. At Plastix we also provide a convenient ‘while you wait’ cutting service for smaller orders at all our locations.

Perspex cut to size cut to size

CNC Routing
We can cut and engrave all plastic products to your requirements via email order or USB stick in EPS or DXF format.

routing routing

Diamond Polishing
Our Diamond Polisher can polish straight edges on acrylic up to 3000mm in length, producing a high quality finish.

diamond polishing diamond polishing

Our Drape Moulder can mould acrylic sheets up to 1200mm x 2400mm in size and up to 20mm in thickness.

moulding moulding